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It's not enough to offer just lead generation or a CRM if you want to keep clients for long. Local businesses need a system that takes customers down the path to get leads and appointments, become customers, buy repeatedly and maximize their value.

With ENARA, you'll get all the funnels, workflows and marketing magic you need to quickly create powerful full on marketing systems for your GHL snapshot.



Attract & Capture Leads With Our Funnel Templates That Can Work For ANY Niche!

Business owners are looking for companies that deliver opportunity. Use ENARA's Funnel Templates to build high converting lead capture pages, to generate leads and get appointments for your niche!

Multiple funnel templates, layouts, styles and more!

Just pop in client branding & offers and good to go!

Get prebuilt Core lead generation funnels, Lead Magnet funnels, Offer funnels, Product funnels, Sales funnels, Call appointment funnels and much more!

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Appointment Funnels

Local Lead Magnet Funnels

Local Lead Aggregator Funnels

Social Media Funnels

And More!

With our funnel templates, you won't have to keep buying templates!

Build Complete Lead Contact Information & Touchpoints With ENARA's Powerful Systems!

Enara turns leads into followers... and followers into leads. It helps you build an ecosystem for your clients where everywhere they turn, they get something from you.

Use our social campaign to get leads, referrals and social media followers.

Helps you get more information from leads and fill in the missing gaps.

Helps maximize your ad dollars by turning one lead into someone that refers, shares and follows your client.

Gives you a nearly free approach to get free leads.

Get a unique X factor to stand out!

ENARA helps take the hard work out of your client's hands!

Nurture & Follow Up With Our Campaigns to Get Leads To Buy And Buy Repeatedly!

We all know businesses are typically terrible at follow up. That's why ENARA has prebuilt follow up campaigns to help stay in front of leads and convert prospects into customers for them.

Get welcome campaigns to indoctrinate leads and take them on the path to purchase!

We have all the core workflow campaigns your clients need such as upsell campaigns, holidays, lost customer, flash sales, reactivation campaigns and more!

Not only do we have the workflows done, we also have the funnels prebuilt. Like our flash sale funnel, core sales funnels, calendar system funnel and more!

Stay top of mind with leads and convert to sales, visits, calls or appointments.

And don't worry... you don't have to be a GHL whiz to run our client campaigns. Our workflows are easy to understand, edit and make changes to.

ENARA helps take the hard work out of your client's hands!

Don't just give your clients lead generation, give them the whole marketing system!

Reactivate Previous Customers To Keep Them Coming Back Again & Again!

Previous customers are hidden gold in your client's businesses. ENARA helps you reactivate and re-invigorate past customers to get them back in the door.

Get lost customer campaigns!

Run flash sales campaigns!

Fire out DR campaigns!

Upsell other products and services.

Our customer campaigns help maximize your lead generation efforts by staying

Lost customer campaigns help make your client's quick cash to help justify staying with your solutions!

Maximize Customer Value By Getting Referrals, Reviews & More!

Most agencies stop after lead generation. We believe you should offer a full system. With ENARA, you get leads, but you also have campaigns and funnels to maximize leads to become ambassadors that refer and review!

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ENARA Helps You Build A Ridiculously Powerful Local Marketing System For Your GHL Agency Clients That Will Separate You From The Competition.

From: Agency Armory

Louisville, Kentucky

By: David M. Bustle

When I first started with my agency many many moons ago… the agency world was a whole lot different.

That whole “freelancer” concept wasn’t around as much back then.

Agencies weren’t one man shows and there wasn’t the concept of SaaSprenuers. It was more big dogs… agencies with huge staff and also the big three… Radio, TV and Print.

I was a big weirdo back then at 21 years old trying to compete with them as a small fry marketing agency armed with a laptop, Adobe and no staff.

Today, the marketing world looks a whole lot different.

Frankly when GHL hit… it was a godsend... we now had technology that enabled us smaller agencies to compete on a whole new level.

As amazing as white labeling and SaaS is… it brings a new challenges to agencies in 2022 and beyond.

One I’m not sure many of the far removed "GOOROOs" are talking about just yet.

I see it coming... because I'm out there actually in the streets selling just like you.

I see it plain as day because the same thing happened already in my niche twice.

I'm gonna pull a Michael Burry and make a wild and... potentially.... unpopular prediction here.

One that the gurus will shrug off and some will even not like me talking about this.

Know what it is?


It seems like agencies are now popping up everywhere. Look at the GHL group. It’s doubled in size since like a year ago.

Today, anyone can become an Agency pretty quickly and start offering SaaS.

Don’t believe me it's happening… do your own research.

Ask your clients how many times a day they get hit up everyday for marketing.

It’s crazy. One of my clients opened his email to show me he gets almost 50 emails / FB and LinkedIn messages PER DAY. I myself get about 4-5 emails, FB or LinkedIn requests asking to get me appointments.

I just saw a guy in a group offering a service sending 5,000 emails a day to any niche.

Not only are your prospects hit up by the big dogs and the big three of the old days… now they are hit up by all these new agency owners, SaaSprenuers, freelancers and third-party companies all selling various solutions that are pretty close to what you have to sell.

So what does that mean for you?

It’s means the days of JUST offering the core SaaS system are going to become well... COMMON pretty soon and in some niches it already has.

I hate to burst some bubbles here... but just as you can offer an awesome CRM, so can every other agency owner out there.

When you’ve got steep competition… all armed with the same tools… well that means clients get hammered with the same stuff... it becomes a race to the bottom as a commodity. You've got a few guys offering a lifetime deal to their whitelabel of GHL for super cheap already.

More agencies than ever that are building sales teams that are calling and direct messaging the same people as you… going in with the same offer as you.

They're offering a CRM TOO.

They're offering auto text call back TOO.

They're offering text reviews TOO.

They're offering GMB and Facebook integration TOO.

They're offering social planner TOO.

They're offering marketplace templates TOO.

They're offering micro-services TOO.

Unique dashboards to hide the fact you use GHL aren’t going to save that either. That’s a Band-Aid covering up a bullet hole in your product.

Does this mean the SaaS model is DEAD?

No of course not.

Don't get me wrong here... I'm not saying SaaS is dead by any means.

BUT... I am saying: to stay in the game, you've got to PIVOT a bit.

I can tell you many of the big dogs already have and have gone to great lengths already to do this.

Here's the deal: You've got to offer some X Factors to separate you from everyone else. You've Got to Offer More Than The Core.

Sure you can keep going the same way, but it's going to get harder and harder and you'll end up competing on price.

When I go in to client meetings, I don't ever want to hear... "I have tried that before." or "So and so does the same thing." or "Are you part of X business, it looks just like them."

It’s why I have been building new tools, campaigns, etc. for myself over the last year like crazy. Personally, I don't like being a clone of everyone else.

I don't want to be another fish in the pond. I want to be a freaking alligator, a different beast altogether.

To when client's compare options... they clearly see it's not an apples-to-apples comparison.

To where they get so much value with what I offer... these other folks that hit up prospects and clients just don't stack up.

It's Lame To Be In A World Of Same.

What if instead of you offering the core SaaS like everyone else... you had something truly special that separated you from everyone else out there pitching them?

Consider this:

What do clients actually want from marketing agencies?

Is it a CRM? Lead Generation? A social planner?

Nope... it's results. Client's want to spend money and it spit out a return that is "push button" easy.

Let's take this a step further... In order to really get results... what does that actually mean?

Think for a minute about your client's perfect ideal customer... If you could craft the perfect ideal prospect that brought in big results for your clients, what actions would they take?

Perhaps they would become a lead.

They would follow them everywhere on social.

They would share their social posts and engage with them.

They would consume their marketing and become a customer.

They would buy repeatedly.

They would be an advocate and ambassador for the business and tell their friends about you.

They would review you positively.

They would be trackable back to the marketing they ran.

So if those are the things that bring in the moolah... why don't most businesses have structured processes to accomplish those things?

Why not have a system in place to take customers down the path to do all of that?

Most businesses don't have a real marketing system. It's a portion of what they really need.

Maybe they have a way to generate leads, but no system after they get them. Maybe they suck at follow up or closing. Maybe they have a great review system, but no way to generate referrals.

It's often chaos, with no rhyme or reason why they do what they do.

A lot of agencies also only provide a FEW of those things that make up a full on marketing system. It's only some of the picture and gets the businesses only a little closer to their goals.

Perhaps they just offer lead generation or appointments.

Maybe they have a review system.

When you offer simple systems, it's easy for any person to knock you off fast. Therefore... you become like everyone else.

The place we can win as agencies, is by having a truly duplicatable marketing system that offers more than the basics and the SaaS features everyone else offers.

Sure, you still offer the core SaaS offer... but you become SO MUCH MORE to your clients.

What if you had a SaaS system that takes customers down the path to get leads and appointments, become customers, buy repeatedly and maximize their value?

While everyone offers SaaS... you offer a SaaS marketing system for your niche complete with everything they need to push a button and launch it.

While everyone else offers just leads... you offer a system to take them down the path to purchase and buy repeatedly.

While everyone else offers just workflows... you offer prebuilt campaigns for things like lost customers, flash sales, referrals and reviews.

You Separate Yourself By Offering A FULL Marketing System With Everything They Need To Succeed.

Clients need more than just leads.

They need customer welcome systems. Customer relations systems. They need to reactivate past customers and turn their leads into people that buy, buy repeatedly and refer and review.

They need so much more than just the few campaigns most agencies offer.

If you can offer that... well it makes everyone else look bad.

It makes them look like they only half assed it.

With your offering being a superstar.

The challenge is that building all that out is a ton of work.

I know what you are thinking... But David... that's a ton of work creating all of that.

I'd have to create a lot of funnels, workflows and spend a ridiculous amount of time setting it all up.

I get it.

That's why I went ahead and did it for you.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you ENARA.

ENARA already took care of the hard work!

ENARA already has all the funnels, workflows etc. already created and done for you.

We already built funnels that work for any niche.

We already prewrote the follow up and nurture campaigns.

We already did the hardwork... you just customize it for your clientale.

Instead of you spending months building from scratch... you have the ultimate starting point with ENARA.

Instead of you hiring some builder every new client... you already have all the frameworks you need to quickly build out campaigns.

Need a lead generation funnel... we have over 11 different styles. We have local service funnels, discount funnels, lead magnet funnels, local lead aggregator funnels and more.

Our funnels are built with globals and custom values too. We make them easy to pop in client information, change colors, add photos etc. You can easily make out templates look entirely different by changing and adding your styling.

We also have a lot of funnels for other situations too. Like appointment booking. Getting sales. Making offers. Running contests, getting referrals and more!

Need workflows?

We have them for all kinds of situations.

Our workflows have actual copy in them too, not just a placeholder for you to figure out with custom values. The emails and texts are already ready to go, you just pop in your client information and tweak it a bit to reflect your clients.

Nor, do you have to be a GHL pro to understand it or operate it.

There isn't all this code in there... you don't have to learn CSS to edit the funnels. you can make edits right in the builder fast!

There isn't 5,000 custom values to fill out wondering what each thing does.

There isn't crazy follow up campaigns you have to decode to figure out why it's sending the same message over and over again.

The workflows are clearly labeled and easy to follow and understand.

You simply import the snapshot. Customize to your niche. You take ENARA's framework and apply it to who you want to go after. Then you have the perfect snapshot to give to your clients that is UNIQUE to you.

It's that simple.

Which means you get top notch marketing that looks incredible, that your clients will love... done quickly. No more waiting months on end for a builder to do it from scratch.

See what others are saying about my past work...


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"After you purchase, you'll get access to the

ENARA snapshot and our membership course."

"After you purchase, you'll get access to the support platform and our membership course."

Inside the course, there are video walkthroughs that take you step by step through setting up and customizing the system. We don't leave you hanging with a snapshot you don't know how to operate.

Just watch the quick videos and follow the steps... and you'll be up and running in no time. You also have our group and us as a resource if you need help!

See what others have said about our products:

Get ENARA Now...

Get It Now For Only $697!

Eventually we will bump the price up to $997, but right now you can get lifetime access for $697 and get grandfathered in!

So what all do you get with the snapshot?

#1 - ENARA SYSTEM - Funnels

First up, we have the Funnels. In ENARA, there is a lot of them. You'll have:

  • Lead Generation Funnels,

  • Survey Funnels

  • Lead aggregator funnels,

  • Sales Funnels,

  • Calendar Funnel,

  • Funnels for booking appointments,

  • Social media Funnel,

  • Contest Funnel,

  • And More!

You are sure to have a funnel template that will work for your offer or niche.

Simply grab the template, customize to your hearts content, Then Bam! You've got a shiny new funnel to offer your clients.

Our funnels are easy to edit right in the builder itself! Swap out colors, images, icons fast and make ti look entirely different!

No need for expensive CSS experts!

Get The ENARA Funnels When You Sign up Today!

#2 - ENARA's Workflows

You need more than just a lead capture page and basic lead nurture. With ENARA, you have all the follow up you need.

We went ahead and built out all the core workflows a local business needs like:

  • Lead generation follow up

  • Appointment nurturing

  • Database reactivation

  • Holiday campaigns

  • Birthday campaign

  • New customer welcome sequences

  • Contest campaigns

  • Black Friday campaign

  • Flash Sales campaign

  • Lost customer campaign

  • Referral campaigns

  • Review campaigns

  • And much more!

The best part is... our campaigns aren't just place holders eithers. We actually did the hard work of copywriting for each email, text in our system.

All you have to do is customize it to your offers and niche!

It's easy to edit and manage and you won't have to hire an expert to make changes.

Get every campaign you need to build a full on marketing system!

Check out a sample walkthrough of just ONE of our campaigns in the system here:

#3 - Membership Course & Group

If you have ever bought one of our snapshots before, you know we take care of you. We arm you with a video walkthrough course that explains our system and hand holds you through setup and customization.

You've also got access to us in the group to fall back on if you still need help.

#4 - Quick Response Templates

As businesses use our system, they will most likely get a lot of responses with common questions.

Things like "Where are you located?"

"What's your hours of operation?"

Well we create quick responses templates to help your clients respond fast!

BONUS - Rapid Review System - $500 Value

We are including a big freaking bonus inside ENARA. Our Rapid Review System. This is one of our core snapshots that give you a full high end review system with personalized videos for your clients.

You get it free with ENARA as part of the system.

Side note: If you have already purchased Rapid Reviews... we've got another bonus for you. Please reach out when purchasing and we will hook you up. ; )

BONUS # 2 - ENARA Supplement Packs

On top of everything you get... you also will get what we call supplement packs from time to time.

We will release new drops of more funnels / campaigns / workflows to add in to the ENARA system. We are digging through our vault of past work and will be periodically releasing some additional bonus campaigns! You get these free!

We are already working on our first drop!

"What About Updates?"

Here's the cool thing. I built this for myself... you can rest assured it will stay updated for that reason alone. My goal is to have the ultimate solutions for myself and for my customers. That's why I keep developing my products. Just like we did with the support portal now in it's 2.0 version and almost 3.0 version.

As we build cool new tools that go along with the system, we will release them to you free!


You Get For A Measly $697.

Copy of the ENARA Snapshot

Tons of Funnels

Every Workflow You Need To Deliver One Solid SAAS Product.

Content Stage For Social Media

Contest & Referral System

Quick Response Templates.

Member Course.

Rapid Review System

Plus another surprise unadvertised bonus for the first 100 to pick it up! : )

Total Value: PRICELESS

Get Your Copy Today For

ONLY $697

This Is A Limited Early Adopter Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before It Increases In Price.

This program is going to go up in price very soon. It could go up to $997 in just a few weeks. Then $1,497 after that. So get grandfathered in now and save!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy ENARA!


David Bustle

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I've got a snapshot and course for GHL that helps your agency build the perfect marketing system. You can check it out here:

Some more testimonials from my other course subscribers and snapshot buyers:


I'd like to rush you a copy of my GoHighLevel Local Business snapshot, ENARA for only $697!

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